Zemer Method:
Healthy Snack Guide

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The Zemer Method Snack Guide includes suggestions that meet my calorie to protein ratio test (and equally as important – meet the taste test!). The guide includes an overview of my go-to products from protein bars, to macro friendly carb options, to condiments and beyond. The products in this guide are not intended to be the cornerstone of your diet. Instead, they are there to supplement your nutrition. In fact, many of the products in the snack guide can be considered supplements (i.e., protein powder, protein chips, etc.). It is critical to your health that your diet be built on whole foods – lean meat protein, fruits, vegetables, etc. but I know the reality is a lot of people struggle to get enough protein and fiber every day. You are an adult with many competing responsibilities – these products will help bridge the gap (in the most delicious way).

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